time is a great healer

Alot has happened since the last time i been on here. 

Family, Work, Love, and Friends…. But i guess everything does happen for a reason. Im not perfect, i have flaws, and then i have strengths. We all make mistakes, it’s only human. Just some mistakes cut deeper than others. 

I believe LOVE is just being tossed around just like any other word. It has no meaning to me any more. It use to mean so much, but now i’ve become so numb to everything.

For example, 

a week ago i’ve never felt so low and empty before. And i knew i didn’t want to continue to feel like shit for someone who hates me. Which is fine because i can’t change the past, but just know i always loved him and i never cheated. Anyways. I knew i didnt want to feel low so for some reason i went on Facebook, and i seen a picture of a guy. *under people you may know*. Went on the profile and i thought this guy was cute, and has this half i’ve always wanted in a guy. Which is a outgoing, cute, smart, funny guy that has similar things i like. And once i got to know him better it was like BAM !  it hit me to see that this guy is the one i’ve been looking for this whole time. And i honestly felt bad. 

In my heart i knew that i wasn’t ready to fall in love, or even have feelings for someone right now. I can’t bring myself to do it, and im scared to be in relationship. It’s not fair to him. And im sorry. I just cant. I believe that i met him a lil too soon. And it sucks because i know he’s perfect for me, and he’s ready to be with me. I never meet a guy who’s so out going, funny, loves the same thing i love. He doesn’t care what people think of him because i know he’s strong. 

I never met a guy who came from nothing, but cherished everything he had. I feels like i’ve known him my whole life, and that’s a connection i never felt with anyone before.

I have been in love before, but i can’t love again. it just doesn’t feel right. 

But time is a great healer.

until then im sorry i have to be alone.  

so far so good

Well i guess that’s a yes if come to check out this post


I’m currently looking for dancers for this summer, male or female as long as you love to dance. I’m looking for 6-8 people with unique talent. This is just a summer thing, to have FUN.And no, you do NOT get paid for this. I’m looking for people who loves to dance, loves to have fun, and enjoys meeting new people. We will do Any type of dance.


  • You must be 18-21 year old
  • You must send me a video of how you dance (any dance is fine) 

Video must be 2-3 mins. long

  • You must live in Chicago 
  • Some experienced of dance 

 So if your still interested please email me asap 

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